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熱血!すとりーとバスケット - がんばれ Dunk Heroes - Nekketsu Street Basket : Ganbare Dunk Heroes

Dick Hoelscher - December 11, 2003
Nekketsu Street Basket
Released in 1992 for the Nintendo Famicom by Technos Japan Corporation
Supports 1 to 4 players.

Nekketsu Street Basket is a video game featuring 2-on-2 basketball featuring no penalties and warped physics. This game was only available in Japan on the Nintendo Famicom system, and can be played on the Nintendo Entertainment System with the use of a converter. It was released in December of 1993, after Technos Japan released several other SNES games. Due to the limited production run and excellent gameplay this title offers, it is one of the most sought-after video games in Japan, as well as the most valuable game in my own collection. This page is designed to teach fellow gaijin the basics of this game, so I won't cover certain topics in depth.


As we join the game, Kunio wins a "15 day tour of America" through a Japanese game show, and sets up plans to meet up with Johnny from Team Oklahoma. Not content to let him go alone, Riki executes his plans to compete in a Street Basketball tournament.... by tying himself and Godai to the landing gear of Kunio's jet.

Getting Started

The opening menu gives you several options. Story mode leads the Nekketsu Team through the tournament, allowing players to earn prizes as they progress, as well as a password to continue later. Battle mode allows up to four players to play a game with any of the eight teams. You can also choose to enter a password to continue the story mode. To win the game, you need to defeat each of the 7 teams, both at one home and one away game. Every location features 3 levels of basketball goals for each team. The bottom two hoops award 3 point per shot, while the top hoop awards 4 points.


Up, Down, Left, and Right walk your characters in those directions, and tapping Right or Left twice will tell your character to run in the chosen direction. Tap A for basic punch attack for your character, and B for the basic kick attack. Advanced techniques include Jump+(A or B), Landing+(A or B), and Running+(A or B). Not all basic attacks are created equal... For example, Kunio has a Mach Punch, while Riki has a Mach Kick. Press jump twice deliberately in order to do a double jump.

While in possession of the ball, a tap of the B button will attempt to shoot the basketball, while a tap of the A button will pass the ball to your teammate.

Slam-dunks are usually initiated inside of what would normally be the 3-point area of each arena. To do this, do a running jump into the area, then press and hold B while landing. You can also do a normal dunk by executing a double jump, then holding B while near the hoop.

Both slam dunks and super shots require telegraphing the move to your opponents well ahead of actually pulling them off, and it's up to the opposing team to work around your defense to keep you from getting those shots off.

How To Super Shot

In general, you can also fire off super shots by dashing 4 or 5 steps towards a goal, depressing B until the player slows down, then releasing B to let the super shot fly. It takes practice to get it right for each player, as some need more effort than others, and bad timing will often result in a lesser super shot (one of the bottom two goals) or a simple normal shot. To evade attacks, you can try doing this in the middle of a jump or double jump, but it's rather difficult to pull off.

You can command a teammate to pass, shoot, punch, or kick by momentarily holding down the A or B button for the function you want, then letting it go. It needs to be held longer than a tap, but no longer than 1 second.

There's also a wide array of equipment that you can collect during the tournament, items that offer special abilities or statistical enhancements. However, we still don't know what "Rocket Underpants" are supposed to do....

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