GNOME-centric SVG information and original works


December 26th, 2012

The content below covers graphics and code I contribued to GNOME between 2004 and 2005.

Since this time, gnome-games has been split into individual packages, and much of this content found it's way into unrelated products, including KDE and many mobile and web games. All of this content has been released under the GPL. If you want a copy of this under a different license, please contact me.

GNOME Klotski

GNOME Mahjongg

postmodern thumbnail

The postmodern.svg tileset design contains a handful of features that you won't find on any true Mahjongg sets. I intend to release another set this year that contains standard antique tiles.


GNOME Aisleriot

SVG Playing Card Templates

Optimized for speed and size.

Download: 2 index or 4 index

Below, you will find SVG files I assembled, based on public domain works from centuries past. I did not draw these images.


dondrof.svg - 296 KB (SVG/PNG hybrid)

Based on Dondorf's "Swiss Costumes" deck, over 110 years old. Both the original deck and this SVG are considered public domain.


paris.svg - 576 KB

Based on Grimaud's "Paris Pattern" decks, over 150 years old. These were released several months after David Bellot's bellot.svg cards, and it is a technological parallel, as they only have the card scans in common... even the tracing method was completely different. You'll find that paris.svg does not include French court ranks and identities, and does not contain several creations, such as card backs and jokers, that you will find in the Bellot set.

These cards for a good example of what can happen when you combine the powers of 'sed' with an SVG file. Both the original Grimaud deck and this SVG are considered public domain.